All About Us

So what does happen to all the girls in those great 50’s and 60’s girl groups? Well some get married, have children and leave the business. some lose interest , their voices and/or just retire. Some just get burnt out!

But then, there’s the very small percentage of female singers that simply refuse to leave the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business. No matter what, they aren‘t leaving the stage anytime soon. What do you do with those girls? Why you put them all together and form a brand new girl group, and give them the name "The Yaggettes" because in reality they are "yet another girl group" (ending in “ettes”)! But this time, they are singing a different tune (so to speak)!

The group - comprised of Arleen Lanzotti-Gonnella, Denise Ferri, Diane Lupo and Jo-Ann Dumas - are four seasoned singers who, if you collectively added up their total years in the business, would be more than 250 years young!! But this is not just another 60’s girl group, these girls “are” in their 60’s!! (a couple are even pushing 70!!) the music sounds familiar but the words have been changed. And after much research, it has come to their attention that we are all facing "challenges" as we age. Not only are our bodies changing, but so have our subjects of conversation. Wwe’ve gone from talking about the Rolling Stones” to talking about kidney stones and gall stones!!!

So if you enjoyed the sound of those girl groups, and you love the music of the 50’s and 60’s but often wondered what would those girls be like today…well wonder no more, as you, and your sense of humor, share with them the aging process, the best way they know how to convey it… song!!

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